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Sibel Karabel, Editor of Strategist Magazine, has conducted interview with WISE MEN Board Member and Kültür University Faculty Member Ambassador Oğuz Çelikkol

Sibel KARABEL: Turkey has been through an election period recently. Regarding Turkey’s future in this context, how would you assess the new governments’ foreign policy priorities? In addition to this, what do you think Turkey will face as main foreign policy issues in this era?

I think Sy…

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The Tenets of Turkish Foreign Policy After 24 June Elections

With a decisive victory of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the first round of the presidential elections held on June 24, 2018, Turkey ushered into a new era in terms of the country’s political system as well. Turkey has opted out the parliamentary system and adopted the executive presidential system of…

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Dear Readers

We are pleased to introduce the second issue of The Strategist Journal to our readers and subscribers. The Strategist as well as its Turkish version ‘Strategist’ aims at analyzing current international agenda with a scientific approach. Considering the turbulent and dynamic nature of the interna…

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