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Strategic Implications of the Ilisu Dam

After 12 years under construction, Turkey’s Ilısu Dam will soon begin storing Tigris River water. At 24 million cubic meters, its concrete faced rock-fill body is reportedly the largest of its kind in the world and second in Turkey only to Atatürk Dam on the Euphrates River. The reservoir will s…

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Turkey and NATO in Retrospect: Hard to Classify as a “Win-Win” Relationship

Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since February 1952. Most of the allied countries, and the United States in particular, have long seen Turkey as their “staunch ally” thanks to its significant contributions to the security and defense of the West against the th…

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Operation Olive Branch and the Strategy Behind Turkey’s Operation

Launched on January 20, Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch aims at clearing Syria’s northwestern Afrin region from terrorist organizations DAESH and YPG/PKK, which are considered as threats to Turkey’s national security. Turkey claims that YPG is Syrian arm of PKK and the military wing of PYD terro…

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