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We are pleased to introduce the second issue of The Strategist Journal to our readers and subscribers. The Strategist as well as its Turkish version ‘Strategist’ aims at analyzing current international agenda with a scientific approach. Considering the turbulent and dynamic nature of the international system, this stance entails to broaden and deepen the analysis and hopefully to help generate vital contributions to the literature.

Under this perspective, The Strategist comprises analyses inked by foreign policy experts, academicians, economists, and related veterans. Of particular relevance here is that The Strategist focuses more on the Turkish foreign policy and sets out to shed light on Turkish foreign policy to the international public.

In this issue, Mustafa Kibaroğlu, President of WISEMEN Center for Strategic Studies and Dean of MEF University, discusses Turkey’s vocation as an ally in NATO with respect to the country’s national interests in his analysis entitled “Turkey and NATO in Retrospect: Hard to Classify as a “Win-Win” Relationship”. Kibaroğlu points out the perspective Turkey has developed over time in its counterterrorism struggle as a NATO ally within North Atlantic Security Organization.

The analysis “The Tenets of Turkish Foreign Policy After 24 June Elections” co-authored by WISEMEN Foreign Policy and Security Expert Dr. Elnur İsmayıl and WISEMEN EU and Asia-Pacific Studies Expert Sibel Karabel aims at examining Turkey’s foreign policy posture in the post-election period of 24 June 2018 with particular reference to Turkey’s major foreign policy issues.

In his analysis, named “Strategic Implications of the Ilisu Dam” Researcher Paul A. Williams assesses the details of Ilısu Dam, which will store Tigris River water, taking into account of security, energy and technical aspects of the project.

Retired Ambassador and Dr. Mehmet Öğütçü in the article “The New Great Game: What Awaits Us?” deals with key drivers of current international issues by portraying a broader global picture. However, Öğütçü also delves into Turkey’s foreign policy after 24 June elections in this global perspective.

Director General of Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov undertakes an extensive analysis of Russian-Turkish relations in his article “Russian-Turkish Relations Need a Stronger Foundation”. Kortunov stipulates main themes that comprise as common points and obstacles between Turkey and Russia in a constructive manner.

Researcher Journalist Aura Sabadus discusses the contentious nature of the term ‘energy security’ by giving references to some disputed projects such as Nord Stream II in his analysis named, “Energy Security as an ‘Unsafe’ concept”.

Prof. Daniel Serwer in his op-ed “US-Turkey Relations” undertakes a commentary on recent developments in American*Turkish relations with a perspective from the US.

Also in this issue, Retired Ambassador, and Kültür University Faculty Member Oğuz Çelikkol gave an interview on Turkish foreign policy challenges in the context of new global and regional dynamics.

We hope you enjoy this issue and do let us know if there are any querries regarding the context and topics of the journal.


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