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As the Editor in Chief, it is a great pleasure to present the first issue of the magazine The Strategist.

The Strategist is committed to promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Turkey’s neighborhood in general, and Turkey’s foreign, security and economic policies in particular are concerned.

In its first issue the major emphasis is put on the regional security questions in Turkey’s neighborhood, Turkey’s Olive Branch operation out of its borders; Turkey’s bilateral relations with the US and Russia; and current developments in the Middle East and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Since January 20, 2018, Turkey’s policy on fighting against terrorism has recaptured the consciousness of the international community, most vividly through the Operation Olive Branch against the terrorist organizations DAESH and YPG/PKK, which are considered as a threat to Turkey’s national security. Dr. Elnur Ismayil, expert on Foreign and Security Policies at the BILGESAM think tank, analyses the Operation Olive Branch and the strategy behind Turkey’s military operation.

Renowned experts from Turkey, United States, and Germany have kindly contributed to the current issue. I would like to thank all contributors for their interesting and analysis.

Prof. Mustafa Kibaroglu in his analysis on relations between Turkey and the United States, attempts to answer the question whether the parties are staunch allies or rivals.
Retired Ambassador Unal Ceviköz analyses Turkey’s bilateral relations with Russia, which sometimes is called as one of the partners of Ankara, especially in the Syrian conflict. Mr. Ceviköz scrutinizes those relations from political, economic, and military point of view.

While providing an all-encompassing reviews and research on Turkey’s foreign and security policies in this issue, a wide range of regional issues, such as the United States Middle East policy, and current security developments in the Eastern Mediterranean are addressed.

Expert on security issues Matthew Cohen observes Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and its implications to the relations between Washington and Ankara.

Another important geography, which turns to be conflicting zone between neighbor countries, because of its energy resources, is the Eastern Mediterranean. Prof. Nursin Atesoglu Güney tries to answer the question whether there is any possibility for future cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean following the natural gas discoveries.

Retired Ambassador Mehmet Öğütçü and Researcher Can Öğütçü examine the expectations and new dynamics in the oil markets in 2018.

Expert on political issues and Director of Heinrich Böll Foundation in Istanbul, Kristian Brakel, in his piece on the US Middle East policy explains Trump’s controversial decisions and its implications to regional security.

Retired Ambassador Faruk Logoglu in his analyses describes how religion affects the foreign policy of any country.

The first issue of the Strategist is a result of voluntary and hard work of the affiliated persons. Therefore, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the members of the Editorial Board and to the staff for their consistent and profound engagement.


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