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Today the role of religion in society and the relationship between religion and foreign policy comprise the issues of widespread interest and intense discussion. Governments, think tanks, universities, and religious bodies are all engaged in debating and analyzing this complex question from a va…

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Oil markets’ new dynamics and unknowns: What to expect and how to prepare in 2018?

Oil prices rallied in the first week of 2018, supported by increased geopolitical risk and severely cold weather in certain parts of the world, but the ‘perfect storm’ that pushed oil prices higher also raises the risk of a correction and of heightened herd mentality in trade. Protests in Iran, …

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Trump and Jerusalem An Opportunity for Turkey

Donald Trump’s recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has led to a swift backlash not just among Palestinians or in Arab or Muslim majority states, but around the world. This is evidenced by the recent UN General Assembly vote condemning the move, which passed overwhelmingly. A…

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The end of Old Certainties Breaking With US Middle East Policy

The EU’s role in the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) has often been the most decisive when the Europeans dared to take the initiative. In 1980 the EU’s predecessor, the European Economic Community (EEC) issued the Venice Declaration, which called for recognition of the Palestinian Liberation Or…

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Turkey has started the new year with an important new military operation directed towards the Afrin region in Syria. Turkish government deems it necessary to sanitize its border area from being prone to all kinds of terrorist activities.

In Syria, the international community identifies ISIL a…

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Eastern Mediterranean Gas Discoveries: Is there any Future for Cooperation?

The Eastern Mediterranean has become an area of international attraction especially after 820 bcm of natural gas was recently discovered, between 2009-2012, off the coast of Israel - in places like Tamar, Leviathan, Dalit and Tannin-Karish.-This was followed by further discoveries in the Eastern…

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Turkey and the United States: Staunch Allies or Rivals?

Reports about the decision of the United States to set up a border force with the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) that would operate along the Turkish and Iraqi borders and also inside Syria along the Euphrates river, exacerbated the tension in the already strenuous relations between …

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Operation Olive Branch and the Strategy Behind Turkey’s Operation

Launched on January 20, Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch aims at clearing Syria’s northwestern Afrin region from terrorist organizations DAESH and YPG/PKK, which are considered as threats to Turkey’s national security. Turkey claims that YPG is Syrian arm of PKK and the military wing of PYD terro…

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Dear Readers

As the Editor in Chief, it is a great pleasure to present the first issue of the magazine The Strategist.

The Strategist is committed to promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Turkey’s neighborhood in gen…

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